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Name: Tyson Phoon Khai Mun

Nationality: Malaysian

High School : International School of Penang (Uplands) – Class of 2015

Degree Chosen at Les Roches: Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management Graduating – Class of 2019.

tyson's story

Ms. Pauline at SUISSEedu was very professional in handling my application. I would like to thank Pauline and Sonia for their tremendous efforts on my application step by step to get into Les Roches. They are very professional as they are efficient and helped out with any documents that were needed. I very much appreciate the help from SUISSEedu. I would not be enjoying my university life if it was not for their great guidance.

Student Quote

I have always wanted to travel the world and the idea of meeting new people. That is why I chose to pursue my career in the hospitality industry in Les Roches. It gives me the opportunity to meet such diverse natalities of heart-warming people whom now, I call them my dear friends.

1. Studying in Switzerland – Why did you choose Switzerland as a study destination. And how was your experience studying at Les Roches?

One of the most amazing aspects of Switzerland would definitely be the fresh air, fresh cheese and beautiful wines! You cannot ask for a better living experience than Switzerland. Choosing Switzerland as my university destination was one of the best decisions I have made. I wanted to be unique from my other school classmates who chosen to follow the regular university pathways going to UK or Australia.

2. My Program – Which program did you choose and describe in summary overall program about what you learned from the campuses.

I am currently in my Bachelor of Business Administration program. The program has taught me so much and has prepared me well in regards to the hospitality Industry. Les Roches provides theory and practical experiences which exposes us to real life situations in the industry. I have not decided on the specialization for my final year of studies but at the moment having an interest in the entrepreneurship pathway.

3. My Internship – Where did you do your internships and which one was your best experience out of all?

My first internship was in Hong Kong with the JW Marriott Hotel. I was interning as a trainee in the Food & Beverage Department. The hotel company taken good care of me and I have learned a lot from my colleagues and supervisors. I rotated between different areas; working in the buffet restaurant for the first 3 months where I was in charge of expediting the flow of the live stations and later in the second part of my internship, I was working in a find dining restaurant where I was more exposed to the service techniques such as live presentations of making flambé, tartar making in front of guests, decanting wines and carving of steaks. Getting use to Hong Kong was tough as it was such a busy and fast-paced city but adapting to change is crucial and it is fundamental in the hospitality industry. I love Hong Kong as it brings so much opportunities to the hospitality industry as well as the diversity of people living in Hong Kong. Although working in Hong Kong was very stressful as there are very demanding customers, I had a lot of fun as my colleagues were very helpful as they understood how trainees work. They were letting me work on my own pace and pushed me as I got better. If I had the chance to go back to Hong Kong. I will definitely pursue higher positions in the Food and Beverage Department.

4. My Future – What are your goals after graduation? If graduated already – what is your current position and what do you do daily on your job. What do you love most about it, next career move?

My future plans after I graduate would be to gain more experiences in the hotel industry as it is so interesting. Furthermore, this program provides opportunities not only in the hotel industry but many other service related industries around the world. Learning a hospitality degree does not limit your career to only the hotel and restaurant jobs, what we learn is transferable skills which can be used in many other industries.