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About Us

Our mission

It is our mission to showcase the numerous opportunities that are available in the hospitality industry for the talented future generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

As university counsellors specializing in hospitality education, and who have first-hand experience in the industry, we are well positioned to guide students to the programs that will best fit their needs and allow them to achieve their future career goals.

We are dedicated to growing awareness of where a hospitality career can take you by sharing our information, experiences and most of all our passion with students and parents. We want to break the stereotype that a career in hospitality is only about hotels and restaurants. Students can also explore careers in the entertainment industry, tourism, events management, luxury brand management, finance and real estate, sales & marketing, culinary arts management, entrepreneurship, spa & health management and strategic human resources management.

the dynamic team

Pauline Ngui

Managing Director

Pauline has been counselling students for the last 14 years in the education industry and guiding students into the best-fit degree program. She has grown long lasting relationships with students and their parents in this market over the years. Pauline is also an avid golfer and along with her friends in the golf fraternity, she has been working for many years with various charity organizations having helped run events to raise funds for the underprivileged and less fortunate.

(Based in Kuala Lumpur)

Sonia Mueller


Sonia was born into a hospitality family and has grown up living and working internationally. Sonia has had a total of 8 years global working experiences in top hotel chains in USA, Switzerland, China and Singapore and recently 5 years within the education student recruitment industry based in Shanghai and Singapore. Sonia is also a competitive sportswoman who has competed in volleyball and tennis at various levels, such as the Junior Malaysia National Tennis team (Kuala Lumpur Junior Champion).

(Based in Kuala Lumpur & Switzerland)

Tyson Phoon


Being exposed to an international community starting from an early age, Tyson has gained a substantial insight into a global trends and unfolded many possibilities. Having graduated rom one of the best schools in Switzerland, where he built and extensive network, Tyson has had the chance to work with big companies in both Asia and Europe. In addition to his passion towards hospitality, Tyson is also a car/an automobile aficionado.

(Based in Penang)

about international suisseedu

Our experiences combined and with our strong passion for the hospitality industry has propelled the birth of SUISSEedu. We offer a unique service where our global team will focus on the demands and needs of the younger generation where we will offer the very best and indisputable customer service covering your education journey. Our professional careers has provided us the capabilities across multiple sectors of the working industry within the marketing, sales and social intelligence where we can share these experiences with all the students, and professionals alike through our encounters.

This entity is set up to coach, develop and counsel students by guiding them towards the programs for their further studies internationally where they are able to realize their passion and potential. We offer personalized and expert admissions info/details with counseling services including application for all our customers. Customer services will include guidance in the application process and procedures, essay writing and visa application, with all support for the Undergraduates to Post Graduate/MBA studies. 

Our Mission and Vision place us apart from others as we come from a very rich background with international experience in both the Hotel Industry and Hospitality Education sector.

We are the Official Representatives of Les Roches and Glion in the South East Asia Region including Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bhutan and Brunei.

 We are also Official Representatives of Swiss Education Group covering Malaysia and Singapore. This includes all the top hospitality universities in Switzerland, Spain, UK, Australia, USA, China & Dubai. Students and parents who would like to learn more about the tremendous education opportunities, we would love to hear from you. We can share information on our established Universities from around the globe finding the perfect one for you to begin your unparalleled education and career journey.

We are available to give our services to all students and parents in and around the South East Asia Region and in the Kingdom of Brunei.

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