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Name: Peter Lee Min Kyu

Nationality: Korean

High School : Sayfol International School, Kuala Lumpur – Class of 2016

Degree Chosen at Les Roches: Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management specializing in Entrepreneurship – Class of 2019

Peter's story

Pauline and Sonia has done such a good job with my applications and required documents. I never knew applying for a top ranked university would be this easy but Sonia and Pauline has assisted well and made it very comfortable and stress free for me. 10/10!

Student Quote

“고생 끝에 낙이 온다 – Go-saeng kkeut-e nag-i on-da”
This proverb is used during difficult times to encourage someone to keep working hard and not give up.

1. Studying in Switzerland – Why did you choose Switzerland as a study destination. And how was your experience studying at Les Roches?

I started Les Roches in Jin Jiang Shanghai campus and transferred to Bluche Switzerland at BBA6. My experience in Les Roches was amazing as I was able to experience the hospitality lifestyle between China and Switzerland. It had helped me to expand my knowledge in the hospitality industry better. I had the most wonderful time in Switzerland as I was able to embrace the Les Roches slogan ‘It’s not just a school, it’s a way of life’.

2. My Program – Which program did you choose and describe in summary overall program about what you learned from the campuses. And which specialization you are choosing?

I was studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), specialized in Entrepreneurship. Les Roches has thought me so much about the fine details in hospitality and how all the theory we have learned on campuses does translate to the reality of the workplace. I have found to have an interests in Finance and Entrepreneurship and to be the most interesting for me.

3. My Internship – Where did you do your internships and which one was your best experience out of all?

My most memorable internship was in Conrad Bangkok, Thailand in 2017 as a Guest Relations Intern. It was the best experience as it was my first time in Bangkok and I had such a lovely time during the 6 months internship. I was able to travel to places for internship because Les Roches allowed me to and it was such a great experience to work in a well-known 5 star hotel.

4. My Future – What are your goals after graduation? If graduated already – What is your current position and what do you do daily on your job. What do you love most about it, next career move? 

I am currently in Bangkok again for my Management Trainee at Banyan Tree Bangkok. My daily tasks would be to check the occupancy of the hotel and prepare the necessary tasks in order for my colleagues to have a smooth operation. I would have to assist and to shadow my colleagues and be observant of the fine details that needs to be attended too. Currently, my tasks would be to escort guests to the front office and to assist if there are any other needed assistance. Other than that, I would have to screen check rooms that guests are needed to be checked in on the day to make sure that everything is up to standards.