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Name: King Lynn Chai

Nationality: Malaysian

High School :  Tenby International School Penang – Class of 2017  and

Inti International College with Diploma in Hotel Management – Class of 2019

Degree Chosen at Swiss Hotel Management School: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Hospitality and Event Management – Class of 2022

King Chai's story

Ms. Sonia is a genuine great listener and great advisor for me. She is always there and always making sure everything was going smoothly for me and especially making sure that I know where I’m heading in life. I would say Ms. Sonia and my parents are one of the key figures who reignited my forgotten past passion and that is the current driving force for me to do better and dream big.

Student Quote

“Leave a path where the future generation could be proud of.”

“You are not the main character; the future generations are.” 

1. Studying in Switzerland – Why did you choose Switzerland as a study destination. And how was your experience studying at Swiss Hotel Management School? Any advice for future students seeking to go to Switzerland?

As you can see from the photos, my life in SHMS was not just a place for education for me but a place where I connected with people from around the world that have the same vision as me and people that are willing to change their life and make an impact in the world. Further along my photos, you could see my life in Switzerland wasn’t just about studying but also a place to try out new activities and experience the things only a few could try.

Honestly speaking it was just by chance, and some people may call it fate. I just gotten out of a place where I wasn’t value and needed somewhere to start fresh so originally, I decided to further my study in Australia. While applying I was talking to Ms. Sonia and we talked about it and she suggested a course that’s more suitable for me offering, Swiss Hotel Management School. SHMS is a place where it definitely felt right to be and had an amazing journey. Most of all are the people that became my family was nothing more than just miracle and a blessing that I will always cherish. I am pretty sure, if you guys are reading this, to be ready cause it will definitely change you or just remind you who you really are. Which was definitely a great reminder for me because we are all destined to do great things.


2. My Program – Which program did you choose and describe in summary your overall program about what you learned. And which specialization did you choose? Why did you choose your university?

My program was International Hospitality and Events Management specializing in events. I’ll be frank, the studies and practical were challenging but turns out something I ended up loving. Getting to explore and create and events (WOH) with my peers whom I ended up cherishing was so different when you are working with people that has right set of values as you do and learning from people that has better management skill than you and seeing them able to do those task makes you realize you could do it too. Being able to assist each other along the way is key and a one-man team is never stronger than a team itself.

3. My Internship/ Jobs – Where did you do your internships and which one was your best experience out of all?

During my internship I know I wanted to remain in Switzerland for my internship and lucky for me there was a position in SHMS CAUX to be a supervisor for the BA1 program where you are requiring to train the future generation of hoteliers and being accepted to that internship where 157 applicant apply and only 6 were to be accepted. Was no easy task where you are required to be a team player, mentor, leadership and patience and a sense of duty to your role. Those were the things that were instilled in me.

4. My Future – What are your plans for the future? What are your goals after graduation? 

My ambitions are big, but my current goal right now is to further my studies to do a Masters. I decided to stay in Switzerland and apply to Glion for the Master of Science in Business innovation and Entrepreneurship. I chose this path to explore more about innovation which is a topic that really interests me and to get a more broadened perspective in how entrepreneurs view and shape the world.