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Name: Richard Woon Kai Jiun

Nationality: Malaysian

High School : Pay Fong High School, Malacca – Class of 2017

Degree Chosen at BMIHMS – Bachelor of Business in International Hotel & Resort Management – Class of 2021

Richard's story

Truly appreciate Ms Pauline and Ms Sonia for their passion and caring, provided me a great suggestion for my higher education. Their suggestions are focused to best suit your current situation and criteria. 

Student Quote

“Don’t waste your 20’s. Focus on what really matter most.”

1. Studying in Australia – Why did you choose Australia as your final study destination. And how was your overall experience studying at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School? 

At first, I felt little confused as there were many choices but after meeting with Ms Sonia and Ms Pauline they really helped in suggesting the most suitable program for me. I realised studying in Australia is slightly different when compared with Europe in terms of program and working. In Australia besides your internship semesters, you are able to take up part-time jobs during your studies. I am was able to earn some money during internship (1 year) to pay school fee on my own. My overall experience studying at BMIHMS is superb so far. The subjects I studied are really focused on what you are going to do as a future hotel managers. My advice for students who are looking to study in this course is research about Australia living expense and hospitality industry before you make a decision. Make sure you are comfortable to be an extroverted person and be passionate to engage with others. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

2. My Program – Which program did you choose and describe in summary about what you learned from the program and being at the campus. 

I am still enrolled in the Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management). In year 1 at school, I had learnt about both theorical and practical knowledge in hospitality industry for instance, food and beverage operational management and control, some basic accounting, management and leadership etc. I chose to study in BMIHMS because they advertise themselves as top 1 hospitality university in Australia. Most importantly the degree course is only two and a half years long with a great mix of both studying and practical internships.

3. My Internships – Where did you do your internships and which one was your best experience out of all? 

I got my first internship at Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Australia. I was hired as a food and beverage attendant. I worked for several position such as floor waiter, mini-bar attendant, room service attendant and bartender. My best experience in Wolgan Valley is to work as a bartender because alcohol is a brand-new knowledge for me. I love being creative and to make cocktails/drinks for guest’s base on their taste and have a conversation with them and build up a deep emotional connection. The GM of the resort and his team came to our school to introduce their property. I chose to work with this resort due to its brand and business model. In the next internship, I would like to work in Guest Service Agent or Housekeeping department in Gold Coast. In the future, I consider working in a finance department. Thus, I have been involved in most of the department and able to manage the property base on previous wide range of experiences.