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Name: Janet Un Ling Ling

Nationality: Malaysian

High School : Chung Hua Middle School No.1 Kuching – Class of 2009

Degree Chosen at Les Roches : Bachelor of Business administration in International Hotel Management with Marketing (Distinction) – Class of 2014

Janet's story

Student Quote

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

1. Studying in Switzerland – Why did you choose Switzerland as a study destination. And how was your experience studying at Les Roches?

Switzerland consistently dominates global rankings of prestigious hospitality schools and with the location being right in the centre of Europe, is just the icing on top of the cake for an avid traveller like me. Les Roches is one of the top 3 Hotel Management School in the world and just with that reputation, I was blessed with the support of my parents to pursue this degree. Being the record holder for the “most nationalities in a swimming pool” in the Guinness Book of World Records, representing the 82 nationalities in our school just shows how culturally diverse we are in the campus. The student life was always packed with the activities, workshops and clubs that organised and founded by the students themselves.

2. My Program – Which program did you choose and describe in summary overall program about what you learned from the campuses.

I choose Bachelor of Business administration in International Hotel Management with Marketing. Studying in Les Roches was an amazing experience with the well qualified faculty, we were given assignments and projects that really pushes us to our limits and thrive for excellence. It is the perfect blend of business and hospitality that provided me with the endless international opportunities in my career.

3. My Internship – Where did you do your internships and which one was your best experience out of all?

Geneva, Hong Kong and USA. I was lucky to have gone to 3 different continents for my Internships in 5 star Hotels. Out of the 3, I would say the best experience would be the 1 year food and beverage cross operational training I had in JW Marriott Indianapolis, USA. My training plans were well constructed, I was given opportunities to rotate approximately 8 outlets and 3 departments and was involved in all the trainings and certifications given by the Human Resources Department. I was also given the chance to be involved in the CSR programs and promotional events, not to forget that I got to travel around the US which is also a great highlight in this internship.

4. My Future – What are your goals after graduation? If graduated already – What is your current position and what do you do daily on your job. What do you love most about it, next career move?

I am currently a member of the pre-opening team for St. Regis Cairo. Working as a Restaurant Manager, I am in charge on the staffing, interviewing, training, food and beverage menu, promotional plans, receiving restaurant equipments and so much more. I love to connect with people through food and beverage, not only we speak the same “language” through the love of food but also providing that genuine personal connection with the guests through details that we up hold dearly.

In the hospitality industry, being able to be a part of an opening team is a challenging task but also a great opportunity to learn and build the hotel from the ground up. It is definitely an experience that we should all in the industry try at least once. I chose St Regis because not only it is one of the most luxurious hotel brand in the world but also the fact that the hotel is also under Marriott, the biggest hotel company in the world. Marriott is currently opening a new hotel every 14 hours around the world, the expansion gives me the confidence to continue learning and growing in my career with the company.