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Introduction to Cesar Ritz Colleges



Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland offers world-class hospitality business education. Our priorities are academic rigour, Swiss professional training, multicultural awareness and a caring approach to the personal development of our students. We are proud of our worldwide network of hospitality employers and alumni. Our graduates are industry professionals and leaders who exceed customer and employer expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence.

With hard work, innovation, flair and touch of class, Cesar Ritz accomplished an unprecedented career in the hospital industry and rose to legendary status.


before becoming “The King of Hotelier and The Hotelier of Kings” Cesar Ritz chose to leave his home in the Swiss mountains, just a few kilometers away from Brig, to travel abroad to gain international knowledge and experience. Cesar Ritz returned to Switzerland and took over the management of the now famous Hotel National in Luzern. It is Cesar Ritz’s passion for luxury,excellence and service that has set the standard for hotels and restaurants throughout the world.


Just like Cesar Ritz, students leave their home to gain knowledge and experience in the international world hospitality and tourism, taking inspiration from this famous hotelier.

Throughout the brochure, the Cesar Ritz Colleges stamp is shown to represent the combination of core values and the career journey of its students.


Excellence embodies passion for academic rigour and excellence in the quality of the education provided. Excellence is a quality that Cesar Ritz Colleges students continue to seek throughout their career.


Service represents the desire instilled in students to give consistently good service in everything they do. Students learn the importance of customer service in their professional life and strive to always exceed customer expectatiot1s.


Leadership is a life-long skill that ensures success in student’s personal and professional development. Leadership skills are encouraged so that students can inspire those around them and equip themselves with a range of transferable skills.


Care plays a vital role in all activities; the faculty care about the student body and provide a healthy and nurturing environment so that students can maximise their potential.


Innovation involves constant review of existing activities and exploration of ways to improve and offer exciting new services and study options. Inspiring innovation in students work environment guarantees positive results.

Students studying both the Master of Arts in International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management and the Master of Science in International Hospitality Management, are able to achieve both Swiss and British qualifications through the important partnership shared with the University of Derby.


The University of Derby and Cesar Ritz Colleges have many shared values making them ideal academical partners. Like Cesar Ritz College, the University of Derby is committed to providing a student-focused learning experience through programmes designed to enhance student’s future employability.


The 2014 Guardian University Guide, the UK’s comprehensive guide to British Universities, ranks the University of Derby 55th, in the fields of tourism, transport and travel.


César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (Le Bouveret)

César Ritz Colleges, Brig

César Ritz Colleges, Lucerne

Programs: Switzerland


Intakes: Four intakes per year- Students can choose to start their academic studies in January, April, July or October allowing flexibility to students of all nationalities.


Undergraduate Programs



  • Swiss Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • American Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management




Cesar Ritz Colleges offers a double Bachelor degree in partnership with Washington State University, which includes a range of specialisations in International Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management. This unique Bachelor programme emphasises practical and managerial skills with strategic knowledge.

  • Please note that students must be 18 years of age to commence an industry internship.
  • Minimum monthly gross salary during a four to six month internship in Switzerland : CHF 2 , 172.



Admissions Requirements


Entry Requirements


  • High-school diploma or equivalent
  • English language proficiency of TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.0 or OOPT 50+ or equivalent
  • Recommended minimum age of 18 years*
  • Applicants may take the Oxford Online Placement Test ( OOPT ) free of charge.
  • Students who do not have the required English level will be advised to join the English Foundation Programme.

Master Programs

Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The MA in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry is an accelerated 22-weeks programme developed in partnership with the University of Derby, UK. The programme provides future hospitality managers getting ready to set up a new business with in-depth knowledge to explore innovative business opportunities and maintain a sustainable and profitable business. The degree is awarded upon submission of a business plan/ dissertation.



Term 1 (11 weeks)

  • Business Research Methods
  • Hospitality Industry Operations & Trends
  • Corporate Finance & Managerial Decision Making
  • Innovation Management for Achieving Competitive Advantage
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship for
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Language 1: French / German


Term 2 (11 weeks)

  • Advanced Marketing Management & Strategy
  • Crisis and Risk Management in Times of Uncertainty
  • Digital Marketing and e-Commerce in Hospitality Business Management
  • Leading Success though Human Capital
  • Business Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Language 2: French / German


Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid in Switzerland* (4-6 months)


Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry


Off Campus


Independent Study: Consultancy Project – Formulation of Business plan/ Dissertation

Master of Arts in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing

The MA in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing has been developed in partnership with the University of Derby, UK to prepare future hospitality managers for the rewarding concept of wellbeing in an organization and in hospitality practices. The specialist modules have been specifically designed to enhance students’ employability within the wellbeing industry by developing their skill set and knowledge. The degree is awarded upon submission of a dissertation.



Term 1 (11 weeks)

  • Business Research Methods
  • Hospitality Industry Operations & Trends
  • Corporate Finance & Managerial Decision Making
  • Corporate Wellbeing and Managing Positive Employee Experience
  • Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle › Language 1: French / German


Term 2 (11 weeks)

  • Development and Management for Wellness Resorts and Healthcare Facilities
  • Brand Development and Marketing for International Wellbeing and Healthcare Services
  • Wellbeing: Rethinking and Managing the Guest Experience
  • Wellness Tourism / Wellness Culinary Tourism
  • Management of Healthier Food and Beverage Experience
  • Language 2: French / German
  • Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid in Switzerland* (4-6 months)


Worldwide internship (local conditions apply) or paid in Switzerland* (4-6 months)


Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing


Off Campus


Independent Study: Consultancy Project/Industry Project/Health Coaching Practicum: a Case Study Report/Dissertation

The minimum gross monthly salary for an internship position in Switzerland is CHF 2, 172.

Admissions Requirements


Entry Requirements


  • Recognised Bachelor degree or a track record of management experience in the hospitality industry
  • English Language proficiency of TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0  or equivalent
  • Recommended minimum age of 21 years.

Candidates with a track record of supervisory or management experience in the hospitality and tourism industry will be considered on an individual basis by the Postgraduate Programme Manager, who will implement the relevant university procedures.

In order to continue on studying to Master’s level, students must have successfully completed all course modules of the Postgraduate Diploma.


Tuition Fees ( CHF – Swiss Francs )

Please take note – The prices stated below are in Swiss Francs currency, per person per academic term.

Undergraduate and Master Programs

Please click here Undergraduate/Postgraduate Tuition & other fees for more detailed information on the tuition fee breakdown.



IThe Hotel and tourism industry is the largest employer in the world. The World travel and Tourism Council has forecast 325 million jobs by 2021. ( Figure from the World Travel & Tourism Council , www.wttc.org )


The International Recruitment Forum ( IRF )



Today’s global business environment requires highly qualified managers and leaders who can process complex services in a multicultural and international environment.


Cesar Ritz Colleges understands the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, and prepares students using the latest research and training methods to lead the way in this fast growing sector.


The hospitality industry is an exciting, dynamic and international industry with many employment opportunities for graduates with the right qualifications. Cesar Ritz Colleges provides exactly the type of education and skills that future hospitality managers require to succeed.




The practical experience gained during the periods of internship in Switzerland and aboard will open the doors to outstanding career opportunities.


The Career Services team meets with students to discuss individual career aspirations. Taking into consideration academic strengths and previous work experience, the dedicate coordinator will give career advice and guidance giving access to the best possible opportunities within the hospitality industry.


Cesar Ritz Colleges has developed an innovative online recruitment platform, which connects worldwide recruiters with the mangers of tomorrow; the aim is to find the perfect match !


The skills learned at Cesar Ritz Colleges are applicable not just in hotel management, but also to an entire industry of hospitality and business-related enterprises.


Explore a wealth of career options in industry that in right for you.